Hello, and welcome to my blog! On this website, I compile advice and interesting information related to being a young lady here in New Jersey. I am seventeen years old and counting, but of course most of this advice will be helpful to people younger than me (after all, I was younger when I learned all about whatever I’m writing about) and quite possibly to those older or the same age. On a related note: this blog may be related to the Jersey girl’s life, since that’s what I am, but that in no way implies that one has to be a Jersey girl to read it. Jersey boys, Nebraskan old ladies, Russian hermits (with internet access)- all are welcome! You’re all human, and my hope is that you’ll all be able to take away something from this blog even if you’re not just like me.

I’ve decided to write a blog to share what I’ve learned trying to navigate the world of growing up and become a strong, capable woman yada yada. I also hope to improve my writing and communication skills, but mostly I want to have an adventure and see where it takes me! I hope you enjoy reading and tell your friends.

I encourage you to contact me with questions, comments, and concerns at my email address:


Thanks for reading! Best,

Jersey Goddess


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