Thanksgiving Leftovers

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! My first day of writing happens to be Black Friday but, since I come from a family that avoids stores like the plague on Black Friday, I have plenty of time to write. Right in between a grueling swim team practice, learning how to parallel park (more on that to come in another post), meeting with my group for a school project, and doing the three other long-term assignments that I can feel eating away at my conscience while I try to have a life. Gee, who doesn’t just LOVE junior year?

ANYWAY, I thought I’d share some tips on how to enjoy Thanksgiving and all its lovely leftovers for those of you who are less kitchen-savvy. Here we go!

Tip #1: Leftovers are better

Maybe you never have any leftovers, maybe you never bothered to eat them, maybe you always had a sneaking suspicion that they were better than last night’s dinner all along. Fact: it’s been demonstrated that the flavors in leftover food blend together (just the right amount IMO), making the food taste better to most of us. So if you hold back a little bit on Turkey Day you will be rewarded with deliciousness in the future.

Tip #2: Chill, bruh

Don’t overthink leftovers. They can be cold. You don’t need to heat them up. Go ahead.

Tip #3: Everything goes with everything

There are no rules. Go ahead and put cranberry sauce on yams on pie on a roll.

Tip #4: But if you don’t know how to make a classic turkey sandwich (it’s classic for a reason)…

Say it with me: roll, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, veg.

Tip #5: Don’t be a meanie

Leave some leftovers for the other leftover-eaters in your home! If it’s been two days and they still haven’t touched it everything is fair game though.

Thanks for reading everyone! Until next time,

Jersey Goddess


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